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OpenVox Hybrid Wireless VoIP Gateways,

How to make an OpenVox Hybrid Wireless Gateway Configuration

The answer is surprisingly simple. Just select the OpenVox V2 Gateway which best suits your core requirements. This is your base Gateway. For example, you need an 8-Channel GSM Gateway with 4 UMTS Channels so your base Gateway would be the VS-GW1600V2-8G.

Now just add 1 x VS-GWM420W 4-Channel UMTS Module to the VS-GW1600V2-8G base Gateway and "Hey Presto!" you now have the VS-GW1600V2-8G4W. See the following example configuration.

OpenVox Hybrid Gateways

Of course the same is true in reverse.

If you need a 8-Channel UMTS Gateway with 4 GSM Channels select the VS-GW1600V2-8W as your base Gateway and then add 1 x VS-GWM420G 4-Channel GSM Module to the VS-GW1600V2-8W base Gateway and "Hey Presto!" you now have the VS-GW1600V2-8W4G or, as it is more more commonly known, the VS-GW1600V2-4G8W. See the following example configuration.

OpenVox Hybrid Gateways

Simplicity itself!

Important Notes:

To make an OpenVox Hybrid Gateway you can either use standard V1 gateway module/s (GWM400x/800x) or V2 gateway module/s (GWM420x/820x). However, there are 2 points that make a major difference.

The system for Analog Gateways and Wireless (GSM/WCDMA/LTE) Gateways is different. You cannot mix GSM420x + GWM820x and, as they do not have CPU on board, they both need to share the CPU and system of V2 network board and the system configuration for them is quite different.

So you can use below combinations to make OpenVox Hybrid Gateways:

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