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Policies and Procedures

Product Support Procedure

In order to improve and maintain their "Quality-of-Support" many Manufacturer's now request, in fact some actually require, that all requests for support are handled directly by their Support Centers. The benefits to you, the customer/user, of this approach are both immediate and obvious. You Get direct access the the Manufacturer's Support Team and they are then able to support and assist you directly - often times diagnosing your issue and providing a solution online.

Does this mean MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com no longer provides support? Of course not. In fact quite the opposite. We have found the use of Direct Online Support provides for a faster and more effective analysis of support issues and therefore faster support issue resolution. Remember, just changing the equipment will not resolve the issue if the issue is related to something such as configuration, integration, or software drivers!

Please find below the list of our Manufacturer's Support Centers plus their preferred method of contact. Just click on the Manufacturer and follow their instructions.

And finally, please do not forget to keep us informed so that we can track progress, ensure all issues are satisfactorily resolved in a timely manner, and of course to champion your issue where necessary,

Product-Returns Policy

Fault Return : During the warranty period, in the case of a 'faulty/suspect' product MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com shall, toGether with the products Manufacturer, determine the nature of the fault and decide, at its discretion, to either:

Non-Fault Return : Customers are permitted to return products within 30 days provided:

Product-Return Costs/Charges

If the above criteria is not satisfactorily met, MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com reserves the right to refuse merchandise or send back to the Customer.

Product Warranty Policy

Manufacturer's Product Warranty Terms & Conditions apply. See Manufacturer's own web site for details.

Product Warranty Guidelines

Product Warranty covers defects in manufacturing that arise from the correct use of the device. It is limited to defects in materials or workmanship. Product Warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, unauthorized modification, lightning or power surge damage, extreme heat or cold, and/or corrosive environments. The Product Warranty also does not cover the normal wear and tear on covers, cases, housing, connectors, accessories, etc.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Procedure

All Product-Returns require a valid MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com assigned RMA Nr. (i.e. MPLF-0xxx).

The suspect/faulty item should be returned via a reputable Carrier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) with all shipping costs pre-paid to the following location with valid MAPLELEAF TECHNOLGIES assigned RMA Nr. (i.e. MPLF-0xxx) displayed on the outside of the returned package.

RMA Nr. MPLF-0xxx
Hauptstrasse 9 D-83052 Bruckmühl
USt-IdNr.: DE197159051
EORI-IdNr.: DE5494192

Advance Replacement Prodedure

Please note, if you require an Advance Replacement Unit to be shipped we shall require a Purchase Order for the advance replacement unit. The Purchase Order must clearly indicate the Manufacturer/Model, quantity, price, and shipping method, and reference the valid MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com assigned RMA Nr. (i.e. MPLF-0xxx).

The suspect/faulty item must be returned within 14 days to avoid invoicing. When the suspect/faulty item is received and determined to be covered under warranty, the credit will be issued to your accounts payable department. This credit will offset the purchase order submitted for the advance replacement unit.

Report Shipment Damage Procedure

If the item appears to have received obvious damage in transit immediately tell the Carrier (i.e. FedEx or DHL) driver you do not want to receive this package or contact Carrier (i.e. FedEx or DHL) to submit a damaged shipment claim. If the damaged package was left or someone else signed for it, there is a grace period of around 3 days to file the damage claim. If a package looks suspiciously damaged, you can tell the driver to wait and open it to make sure the contents are not damaged and then if they are refuse the package claiming the damage. Obtain a control number from Carrier (i.e. FedEx or DHL) and email MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com customer service at CustomerService@mapleleaf-technologies.com.

If the item appears to be damaged straight from the manufacturer, immediately email MAPLELEAF-TECHNOLOGIES.com customer service at: CustomerService @ mapleleaf-technologies.com. Note: Always be sure to Get Carrier's (i.e. FedEx or DHL) damage package control number for your claim.

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